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¿Qué es un Fideicomiso de Garantía? - Yavo Capital

What is a Trust  From  Warranty?

In simple words we can say that a trust is  a contract by virtue of which an asset, money or rights , present or future, of your property is transferred to another person, so that this person can manage or invest the assets for their own benefit or for the benefit of a third party.

What is a Guarantee Trust?

It is the trust in which the settlor transfers the ownership of goods to the trustee to guarantee with them the fulfillment of an obligation , either his own or of a third party, providing that in the case of non-fulfillment the trustee proceeds to the auction in public auction of the same, either under the conventional procedure that is agreed in the contract, or under the procedure provided by law, delivering the proceeds of the auction to the trustee-creditor in payment of the obligation.

What are the advantages of a Guarantee Trust

  1. Harmonization of interests of the parties involved

  2. Trust between business partners and third parties

  3. Impartiality of the trustee

  4. Administration and professional advice

  5. Efficiency in operational control of the business

  6. Support of an institutional infrastructure

  7. Confidentiality (fiduciary secret)

  8. Business transparency between the parties and towards third parties

  9. Legal security

The guarantee trust  that we offer as specialized services advising the developer from the mapping of the need of the land contributor to the implementation of the Guarantee Trust ; providing both parties legal certainty and  financial project.

"We are your trusted financial advisors"

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